Wednesday, September 25, 2013

System Restore in Windows 7

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            Some time if you are connected to internet, system will get updated automatically, or most of the time we will do it manually just by clicking Next, Next blindly. If you think that your system has lowered down his performance, then you can use system restore, i have explained it in details as below- 

What is System Restore ?

          System Restore is windows recovery tool which allows you to get back certain changes made to the operating system without affecting personal files. It is mainly used to return the settings, windows files and installed applications from earlier date and time. System Restore is like an “undo” feature to restore certain files. It won’t affect your documents, pictures, or other personal data and files. System Restore uses restore points to return your system files and settings. You can undo the changes System Restore makes any time.

How to use it in windows 7?

Before you get started close all programs, save your work. Open System Restore by clicking the Start> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore. OR you can directly type System Restore in search and press enter.

Restore Point:

Restore Point is the specific system state stored by the System Restore on particular time and date. When you install important software such as antivirus utility most of the times System Restore creates the Restore Point.
Restore Point can occupy according to your drive. On drives of 64 GB it can occupy up to 3% disk space and drives over 64 GB it can occupy up to 5% disk space.

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