Sunday, April 14, 2013

Defect Life Cycle

Hi Friends,

In last few post, we discussed @ SDLC, STLC & Software testing types. Here, we will talk about Defect life cycle, that is - the process followed once the we got the defect.

The bug or defect should go through the life cycle.  The bug attains different states in the life cycle. Any bug to get fixed needs to pass from various phases of life cycle. The life cycle of the bug can be shown diagrammatically as follows,

Life cycle of Bug:

1) Log new defect
When the bug is posted for the first time, its state will be “NEW”. This means that the bug is not yet approved and assigned.
            When tester logs any new bug the mandatory fields are:
Build version, Submit On, Product, Module, Severity, Synopsis and Description to Reproduce
In above list you can add some optional fields if you are using manual Bug submission template:
These Optional Fields are: Customer name, Browser, Operating system, File Attachments or screenshots.

2. Open

After a QA Engineer or tester has posted a bug, the lead of the tester approves that the bug is genuine and he changes the state as “OPEN”.

3. Assign

Once the lead engineer changes the state as “OPEN”, he assigns the bug to corresponding developer or developer team. The state of the bug now is changed to “ASSIGN”.

4. Test

Once the developer fixes the bug, he has to assign the bug to the testing team for next round of testing. Before he releases the software with bug fixed, he changes the state of bug to “TEST”. It specifies that the bug has been fixed and is released to testing team for next round of testing.

5. Deferred

The bug, changed to deferred state means the bug is expected to be fixed in next releases instead of in the current candidate build. The reasons for changing the bug to Deferred state have many factors like priority of the bug may be low, lack of time for the release or the bug may not have major effect on the software.

6. Rejected

If the developer feels that the bug is not valid or genuine, he rejects the bug. Then the state of the bug is changed to “REJECTED”.

7. Duplicate

If the bug is repeated twice or the two bugs mention the same concept of the bug, then one bug status is changed to “DUPLICATE”.

8. Verified

Once the bug is fixed and the status is changed to “TEST”, the tester tests the bug. If the bug is not present in the software, he approves that the bug is fixed and changes the status to “VERIFIED”.

9. Reopened

If the bug still exists even after the bug is fixed by the developer, the tester changes the status to “REOPENED”. The bug traverses the life cycle once again.

10. Closed

Once the bug is fixed, it is tested by the tester. If the tester feels that the bug no longer exists in the software, he changes the status of the bug to “CLOSED”. This state means that the bug is fixed, tested and approved.
That’s it. It really easy to remember all above phases of the Bug life cycle or Defect Life Cycle.
  Share your views with us.


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