Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why mainframe application performance is important?

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IBM mainframes dominate the mainframe market at well over 90% market share.
& as we know most of the banking systems uses the mainframe technology as front end as well as back end. Now a days some of them are using GUI at the front end designed by using .net, java, php or any other system, but at the back end definatly they are using mainframe because for them maintaining the customer information & there financial record is a major challenge. As mainframe can do it very nicely with high performance, they prefer for IBM mainframe.
   Form the above para u people come to know that how important mainframe is. In such a case it is also important to maintain the performance of mainframe application. 
    Form one of the survey, i observed following things- 
  • 81 percent of global respondents say mainframe is already strategic or highly strategic to current and future IT plans
  • 58 percent says mainframe is already or will be critical to cloud strategy
  • 46 percent will spend more on mainframe software and 44 percent will spend more on services
  • 44 percent already have or will be enabling mobile management of mainframe
  • 54 percent want IT staff with cross-functional expertise.
        That’s why I was a little surprised to see one of our competitors announcing that mainframe application performance suddenly matters. Hasn’t it always?
        I came to IBM 10 months ago and, admittedly, was one of those people that didn’t think much about how “old” mainframe systems impact my use of modern applications. But most end-to-end systems from today’s large enterprises touch the mainframe in some way, that’s why it’s important to be able to measure transaction performance all the way from a web-front end through the back end mainframe.
     So what do u think about mainframe technology? is it really use in spite of being older one ?

IBM introduces new powerful mainframe computer

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As u know mainframe god is IBM, who have invented mainframe computer, continuous there invention in the same field & now they have introduced new powerful mainframe computer. 
              IBM said its zEnterprise EC12 mainframe server is designed to help clients securely and quickly sift through massive amounts of data, meeting the demands of retail and other clients in the age of "Big Data." Running at 5.5 GHz, IBM said the microprocessor that powers the mainframe is the fastest chip in the world. Processing speed is 25 percent faster than the previous model.
Mainframes are used by corporate clients ranging from banks to chain stores. IBM says the new model could be used by retailers to manage online transactions and analyze clients' buying habits and then use the information to create a "more customized shopping experience," such as a custom coupon issued during a transaction.
          "Whether its retail or whether its transportation, making reservations, whatever it is, the system has been built really to help clients do those new types of new-age transactions," said Doug Brown, an IBM vice president of marketing.
         IBM says more than $1 billion was spent on research and development for the system at 18 sites worldwide, with most of it in Poughkeepsie, about 40 miles north of its headquarters in Armonk in Westchester County.
         The new mainframe is being promoted as one of the most secure systems ever with a tamper-resistant cryptographic co-processor to provide privacy for sensitive transactions.
           IBM has been focusing on its software and services divisions, which are more profitable than selling the mainframe computers that made the company famous decades ago. But the sales of those mainframes help feed demand for IBM services.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Team Viewer, Download Full version

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Want to take remote control of ur friends computer, or ur frnd need any help to install some software  or to resolve any issue, Then Team Viewer is the best software that u can use here.
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

PDF to Word, Excel, ppt converter

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Most of the time, we need to convert PDF documents in to word office format, here i have one such a application usng which u can convert all office formats in to PDF format, & PDF formats in to all office formats such as word, excel, ppt, As well u can convert to image also.

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