Friday, August 31, 2012

Mainframe feature for students

Hello friends….
      Worried @ your career?  I can suggest one good option, not good according to me it’s a best, ….that is MAINFRAME .

                    After the event like 9/11, it is very important for all organizations so keep their data safe, specially its challenge in front of bank & trade centers.  Most of the organizations, not most I can say almost all,  are maintaining their data in mainframe.  If we are talking about all world data then “More than 70 percent of the world’s data still resides on mainframes. The market is growing in terms of revamping the older mainframes and adding new features and software to the oldies. Also, the new mainframes are smaller, cheaper, more powerful and e-business ready, so the market is growing steadily.”
            Now for maintaining this data, it is very important to find mainframe skilled workers in feature.  As I mentioned in one of my last post that about 70 to 80% mainframe workers are going to retire in next 5 years. So its again very big challenge for IT firms like IBM, HP etc to find the new skilled individuals. By keeping this thing in mind, IBM has  already taken few steps for this.
     IBM is now working with over 250 universities around the world to provide mainframe courses. The help comes in:
  • The creation of course material covering all the basics including ISPF, JCL, VSAM and Assembler, that all go back to the original 360 days, as well as the slightly newer z/VM, CICS and DB2 and finally the newer boy on the block, Linux.
  • The provision of mainframe resources either on the campus or as a shared worldwide resource so that student can try it for real and begin to understand the power and complexity of the environment.
  • Internships of six months or a year in IBM as part of a university course.
                          In India also, IBM have Mainframe labs in some of the top engineering institutes & universities. The only thing is that, it will be little costly, because mainframe ID cost very huge per hour.
         So frnds….start thinking about your career, take the right steps from today………good luck.


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