Thursday, August 16, 2012

Which Operating system is not Hacked Yet? ......That is mainframe

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The only operating System & server which is not hacked yet, & not possible  in feature also is MAINFRAME. That is why almost all the banks, Insurance companies, & those who are dealing with money, use to prefer mainframe only. That is the most secured server in the world. 

        As it is most secured. on the other hand it is very very much costly. In the survey it is found that banks spend nearly 70% of their expenditure on IT infrastructure.

                 Windows is an operating system started off as being meant for one user only, and they could run only one program at a time, and it was written to manage real devices in the PC, that is, it was limited to what the PC had.

                       When it was realised that this approach meant that programs which required more hardware capacity (like memory) could not be written, special routines that virtualised hardware had to be written. However, the underlying operating system files etc were all open to anyone who wanted to install software, that is, any programmer could overwrite system software causing malicious or unintended damage.The operating system grew organically and tries to mimic multi- user environment, virtualisation and allowing multiple programs at the same time etc, but this has been developed as additions and not designed from ground up. Hence the stability issues and issues of hacking because the entire system software etc was open for anybody to overwrite with their own code.

                                Mainframe OZ (zOS) on the other hand was written ground up to be virtual,multi user system, multi program system. The hardware was always virtualised and programmers do not deal with physical limitations of the system.

 Next, Operating system files and production code always was protected by the creation of a strict discipline and the creation of special libraries from which they could be run. This is controlled by system programmers.

          Application programs never replace operating system files unlike in Windows or UNIX (to a lesser extent).

         This created this environment never to be hacked to date.

                   If you want proof of this claim, consider what you can find by searching news archives and trade journals, looking for references to mainframes and data loss, hacking, security breaches, and similar topics. Recent research included checking the archives of ComputerWorld, InformationWeek, and The Wall Street Journal for reports of unauthorized access of any traditional mainframe environment via userid/ password exploitation, corruption of a mainframe-based networking resource, or contamination of a mainframe sys- tem software component.



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