Friday, July 5, 2013

Motivating employees is about more than money

What do you think, all employee's will be happy if you are giving them more money?

If you think that is  true, then you are wrong boss, most of the employee's will feel more better if you motivate them, energize them.
   While browsing, i came across some nice ways to achieve this.

Ten ways to motivate and energize the people on your team:

  1. Make sure you use up all your Thanks Awards.
  2. Send an employee to a conference as a way to recognize his contributions or have him meet with some customers face to face.
  3. These opportunities are a great time to give your employee an extra day off so she can enjoy the location to which she has traveled.
  4. Employees 'take on the face' of their managers. If you're positive and willing to assist, you'll be surprised how your employees will do the same. This is the reason you have to stay very close to your team.
  5. Make an employee feel important by asking him to mentor someone new coming into the department. Only applies if he has good communication skills
  6. For the employee who has done a good job, add a day or two off around your local holidays, especially if she has used most of her vacation time.
  7. If possible, take the employee out to lunch so he has your undivided attention and let him know how important he is to your team.
  8. If an employee is a solid performer and doesn't qualify for a major award, you can still give "a night on the town" to recognize a particular project or outcome.
  9. Work with employees to put a plan in place to give them more of an opportunity to improve. It shows the employee that you have a vested interest in his success.
  10. Consider giving employees more exposure to upper managers or their peers outside of your department to help build their confidence level, and ultimately their performance.

I believe, most of the people will agree with me

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Drug addicts,Students, Followers, ........ .........whole world need the motivation to get acknowledged or to get diverted to.......something.
Thats the great #INDIANCULTURE....being taught from generations.