Monday, March 26, 2012

Very Usefull links for ROBOT builder

Hello Everyone,

Here i am posting some of the important links that i came across before few days, related to robot building,
These links help u too much, just try each related link.

1. Electronics

1.1. General electronics sites

  • A collection of tutorials in electronics subjects. Well worth a look.
  •  A huge collection of links to other electronics sites, nicely indexed.
  •  Another excellent large collection of links to electronics and software sites.
  • A large resource of articles written by industry insiders, field service engineers, and semiconductor company engineers on a wide variety of electronics subjects.
  •  A personal page by an electronics enthusiast. Very entertaining stuff, as well as informative.
  • A circuit theory textbook online
  •  HVW Tech have many documents on a variety of electronics & robotics subjects on their site
  • Excellent optics resource and community
  • Excellent electronics resource and community

1.2. Electronics circuit archives

These sites offer archives of circuit diagrams. Most should be tested, but this is by no means guaranteed!

Electro Tech Online
Electro tech offers a great resource for discussing General Electronics, Electronic Projects, Robitics Chat and PIC/BASIC Programming. Electro Tech also offers Free Electronic Projects and Theory Articles.

1.3. Chip information

1.4. Electronics company information

1.5. PCB layout and manufacture

  • Eagle Layout Editor - The best free PCB design tool on the web. Superb. Free version is restricted to 10cm x 8cm size and no more than double sided but that still allows very complicated projects. Features schematic capture, extensive libraries, very good ripup-and-retry autorouter, user groups, extensive array of online public domain tools available for it.
  •  PCB Pool - Very good value PCB production house. For example, a double sided 10cm x 8cm PCB designed using Eagle above cost just £24 for a one-off including all P&P costs. Based in Ireland. Very helpful on the phone.
  •  ExpressPCB - A free PCB layout tool, with optional online manufacturing ordering (from USA). Cheap even though they come from the USA.
  •  PROTEUS Lite - A shareware PCB layout package. Better than ExpressPCB but no tied manufacturing service.
Proteus Lite at
  •  An excellent description of how to make your own PCBs. I did this stuff for 4 years and came to exactly the same conclusions as Mike has here. Making PCBs really isn't very hard these days now that most people have a PC which can run free layout software, and have a good printer that can print dark black onto transparencies.
  •  Another guide to making PCBs
  •  A method of building prototype circuits without making PCBs (and not using the dreaded Veroboard!). I'm not totally convinced by this method, personally I think it is always worth making a PCB. Using the techniques described in the links above, making PCBs is really quite easy.
  •  An article describing the effects bad PCB layout can have, particularly on analogue circuits. Essential reading if you are building your own speed controller!

1.6. Kits

  •  This Greek company sell battery charger kits.

1.7. MOSFETs

1.8. Optocouplers

  •  A few manufacturers of optocouplers. All have online datasheets:
 Agilent is the new name for Hewlett Packard Semiconductors.
 Infineeon is the new name for Siemens Semiconductors.
 Sharp are a big name in optoelectronics:
 Toshiba: ProductDetail&ProductID=2796

1.9. Electronic devices for robots

  •  Acroname make some pretty cool stuff including range finding and machine vision. Lots of technical article here too.
  •  An article describing range finding using the polaroid 6500 ranging module
  •  Using infra-red devices for range-finding.
  •  Robot vision - making your robot able to see!

1.10. Microcontrollers and development systems

  •  Quasar Electronics PIC programmer and Atmel ABR programmer
  •  The Atmel AVR series is popular amongst hobbyists.
  •  A couple of build-your-own PIC programmers:
  •  The Chip Directory section on microprocessors chronicles the development and describes a great many processors.
  •  ePanorama's microcontroller links section
  •  Rabbit Semiconductor make a clone Z80 microcontroller with a cheap development kit

1.11. Other useful electronics articles

  •  A beginners guide to what capacitors are
  •  All about capacitors. These devices are not as simple a you may think. An advanced guide.

2. Speed controllers

 4QD. Manufacturer of speed controllers. Has a lot of good technical info on the site too.
The Open Source Motor Controller project. A speed controller design & project.

 IFI Robotics. Manufacturer of speed controllers.
A description of electronic speed controllers

3. Motors, Solenoids, and Actuators

 Iskra. Manufacturer of electric motors. Includes sketchy performance characteristic graphs.

 Parvalux. Manufacturer of electric motors. No technical data that I can find.
 Litton. Manufacturer of electric motors and actuators. Includes comprehensive datasheets.
 Theory of starter motors. Quite a good page.
 Controlling voltage spikes (motor suppression). SGS Thomson Acrobat document.
Lynch. Manufacturer of electric motors. Characteristic graphs included. 
Using car windscreen wiper motors

4. Batteries
 A commercial battery charger manufacturer
 A commercial battery charger manufacturer. Not sure whether any of these are suitable for SLA batteries though, even though they say they are suitable for all lead acid batteries.
 A commercial battery charger manufacturer. Ths company manufacture a device which they purport will bring dead SLA batteries back to life.
 Ibex make battery chargers and gave lots of useful information on their site.
 US supplier of many types of batteries. Limited technical information.

5. Radio control

5.1. General interest sites

 A comprehensive introduction to using radio control on fighting robots.

 Loads of helpful articles, mainly about CB, which are still relevant to us.

 The Model Electronics Company site has some great stuff, presenting projects as well as commercial products.
 This radio ham has loads of useful information on his site
 Everything You NEVER Wanted To Know About Radios! Some technical inaccuracies to do with AM & FM bandwidth, but a reasonable introduction.
 The theory of superheterodyne (dual conversion) radio receivers
 The Panorama Electronics Link Site - Radio section. Loads of links to technical sites to do with radio communications, antennas, etc.
 The British Model Flying Association has some information on radio control.
 Low Power Radio Solutions sell telemetry modules. The CDP-02 from Circuit Design operates at 459MHz which is an allowable frequency for Robot Wars in teh UK.
 Some links to hobby radio control sites.
 A good RC information site version.htm
 The Radiocommunications Agency in the UK govern the frequency spectrum. This is the band of the spectrum that we are using.,1252,M942369080308,00.html
 This document from the Model Electronics Company describes all the model frequency bands
 If you are thinking about designing a 40MHz radio link yourself, like I was at one point, then Motorola produce this excellent IC (MC13310) which was designed for CT1 cordless phones that will operate at the 40MHz channel frequencies. Software for driving this chip is shown in the Embedded chapter in "Radio.c".

Motorola ICs
 Unfortunately Motorola no longer supply the above chip. However, a very similar IC, the UAA2062, is produced by Phillips
 A large site containing information on RC electronics

5.2. RC Receivers and Servos.

HVW Tech. Lots of technical information included.
 Information about the encoding of radio control radio sets
 Another page like that above
 A basic introduction to radio control servos
 Another Servo tutorial (in two parts)
 More in-depth information on RC servos
Some circuits for generating and receiving PPM RC signals
 Servo pinouts and connectors
 A three part tutorial in PPM radio control

5.3. Radio control hobby stores.

 Quick UK
 Sussex Model Centre
Tower Hobbies

5.4. Radio control equipment manufacturers

 Links to many RC electronics manufacturers
 Hitec. Manufacturer of RC sets.
 QuickUK supply 40MHz base loaded antennas:
 Novak. Manufacturer of ESCs and receivers
Airtronics. Manufacturer of RC sets.
 Futaba. Manufacturer of RC sets.

5.5. Radio interference.

Note that this section is specifically about interference problems in radio control modelling. All the comments in the EMC and radio sections also applies.
 An article about interference for RC plane flyers.
This model club has a page on radio interference and tips on how to reduce the problem.
Technobots supply products to robot builders, and have this excellent help page for EMC.

5.6. Antenna.

 Capacity hat antenna used by a competitor
 Quick UK supply 40MHz antennas which are rather hard to get hold of. Part no H5330
 Flair products also sell 40MHz antennas. Part no MX75119.
 Radio tech manufacture antennas for the 459MHz band. Part nos Hel-458 and 1/4-458

Very soon i will post some of the books related to robotics


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