Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Installing NS2 (Network Simulator 2)

NS2 is the powerful tool for simulation of network topologies, Ns-2 is a widely used tool to simulate the behavior of wired as well as  wireless networks. Currently we are using NS2 as a network simulator  but a very soon its 3rd version i.e. NS3 is going to launch soon by 2011 end & hope that it will completely replace NS2 for wireless network simulation.

You can install NS2 on  Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X and on Windows using Cygwin.
In Linux you can use either Ubuntu Or Fedora

I will suggest you to install it Linux Ubuntu (latest version is 11.04 but it is not available yet, so let us try on 10.04 version ). On fedora (latest version is Fedora 14) it is also fine but you will not get much more help for fedora as compared to Ubuntu. (about 73 % of Linux users, using Ubuntu)
You can install NS2 on windows also by using cygwin but Linux gives best performance as compared to all other . So best way to install NS2 is on Ubuntu.

Before installing NS2 make sure that u had completed with all proxy setting, with proxy address, port address, & username and password if any. I will suggest to use network without username and password, Bcoz it is quite problematic to set username & password in terminal window, ( You can install NS2 by using terminal window only).

For installing NS2 on Ubuntu kindly check the following links:


Try it by using steps mentioned in first is very easy as compared to other.

If any quires you can revert back to me 


purshottam kurade said...

Hello sir,

can u provide me the tcl script for "congestion controlling in a private cloud using NS2"

bellita said...

I want to implement priority based network coding broadcast protocol in ns2,which is based on an IEEE paper

bellita said...

is it possible to implement???
Please help me out

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm using an energy model in NS2. When I run the nam file, it shows all the nodes and labels in a fluorescent green color. Which file do I have to modify to change this default color? Please guide me.