Thursday, September 11, 2014

Custom Columns in Quality Center

Sometimes the default fields in QC just don’t cut it. How many times have you been dealing with QC and wished you could filter by a particular something? Yest, you can! You can set up a custom column and now you can filter. Only the thing  is that you must have admin privileges for that project!

How is this done?


                  In the top right hand corner, click Tools > Customize. The “Project Customization” page displays. Next, click “Customize Project Entities.” A list will display with the different fields sectioned off by topic. In this case, my problem area was DEFECT. Expand that dropdown, and 2 folders display. Select the User Fields folder. Down at the bottom of the screen is a New Field button. Clicking that creates the wonderful new column.

           Of course, now the column exists, you can name it and set the type and whether or not it’s required. I love using the Look-up List type. It works the same way as the Planned Closing Version or Assigned To drop downs.

             To add values, just select “Goto List.” A popup will display. Clicking new item, or rename item as there is a default 1, allows you to populate the newly created field. Whenever you are done, close and save.

            Now if you to Defects page and click New Defect, your new field is there. Select “Select Columns” and add the field to the Visible Columns list. The column will appear on the Defects page and is sortable.
So, that's how QC can be customized.

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